Why AbizLink

Why AbizLink Overview

We Create Business Development Links Worldwide.                                                         

Through targeted business development solutions, AbizLink empowers clients with market advantage:

  1. Create and take advantage of new business market opportunities globally.
  2. Global expertise, knowledge tools and contacts.
  3. Focus on international business development.
  4. Excellence in business intelligence and market research.
  5. Cost-effective with a Commission Based on the order value.

The deep expertise, strong commitment and impressive array of knowledge tools enable our professional team to deliver sustainable and lasting business solutions to clients. We combine these strengths with broad international business experience and multi-cultural skill-sets to deliver unique business development solutions, which exceed client expectations.


Our Business Development Advisors utilize proprietary knowledge networks, global industry contacts and proven methodologies to identify and analyse known and under the radar technologies, products and companies.

Abizlink services helps optimize
purchasing and selling activities to
Save our Customers’ Time.

We proactively search for international partners and innovative products and technologies, which best fit customized criteria developed with the client. We then screen and map their synergies based on technology, products, markets, sales and distribution networks, financial strength, management, business culture, alliance goals, and more.

Following this, we develop a short-list of best-fit technologies, products and companies; make customized approaches and screen the organizations; facilitate discussions and negotiations; assist with due diligence; and drive deal making.


We do not wait for opportunities to come to us,
We Create Opportunities.




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