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AbizLink provides you with the right combination of business development solutions to help reach your strategic and operational objectives. We offer a range of Market Expansion Services to business partners in their respective industries, to expand your Customer and Supplier base.

We apply the depth of our industry expertise in business and technology to help you create value in your organization. At AbizLink, our wealth of expertise and network of contacts give us a thorough knowledge of the trends and issues that affect you and guide us in Creating a Business Development Solution tailored to your organization.

Whether you are a corporate, institutional or government client, we produce the solutions that your business needs. These industries include the following:

  • Agribusiness
  • Building & Construction
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Package Goods
  • Environment & Energy
  • Finance – International Investors
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Luxury & Lifestyle
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Supplies Manufacturers
  • Mining and Natural Resource
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Technology
  • Transport

AbizLink has the broad knowledge base, market intelligence and sourcing expertise required to assist agribusiness organizations as they seek additional savings opportunities in their direct and indirect spend categories.

Building & Construction
AbizLink has developed a broad knowledge base of subject-matter expertise and sourcing strategies. We have developed targeted, tailored solutions to satisfy a construction company’s unique cost control goals.

AbizLink tailored value-added services can support you to increase your market potential. Sourcing new and hard-to-find ingredients.

We grow with the business of our partners,
Build Long Lasting Relations to
develop business opportunities globally.

Consumer Packaged Goods
AbizLink provides Consumer Package Goods companies with the industry knowledge and sourcing expertise needed to foster new supplier partnerships.

Finance – International Investors
AbizLink assist businesses that need funding strategies for operations, investment or development, financed by international investors.

Food & Beverage Manufacturers
AbizLink has specific experience with food and beverage manufacturers and companies across numerous industries.

Health and Personal Care
AbizLink provides strategic and tactical business development services focused on the health and nutrition industry, to create and execute on new business opportunities for clients.

Our wide range of contacts and relationships with
buyers and suppliers all over the world ensure that
we can make the right connections between our customers to
help benefit both parties.

Hotels, Restaurants and Hospitality
AbizLink team of sourcing professionals act as an extension of your hotel or restaurant’s purchasing department.  We will save you time and money and we will help create an integrated supply chain with strategic partnerships critical to your hotel or restaurant’s business goals and objectives.

Luxury & Lifestyle
AbizLink can provide market expansion services for high-end and lifestyle watches, accessories and apparel, and household luxury goods globally.

AbizLink helps you with optimising your spending, locate reliable and economical sources of raw materials, products and components for your manufacturing processes.

Medical Supplies Manufacturers
AbizLink can help medical device manufacturers reduce spend and increase savings through strategic sourcing. We provide the solutions for medical device & diagnostic organizations to drive innovation.

We use our impressive international connections with
some of the worlds’s leading companies to
source the products that you need.

Mining and Natural Resource
AbizLInk offers the strategic sourcing solutions and subject matter experts to help mining companies reduce costs associated with mining and natural resource extraction, as well as increase their supply chains value.

AbizLink helps pharmaceutical companies grow, regardless of if you are an established company or new to the region. We drive your multi channel sales, from product launches to reinvigorating demand for mature products.

Retail and Wholesale
AbizLink helps with retail sourcing clients reduce costs across multiple indirect product and service categories. Including for national retailers to reduce visual merchandising costs and other direct spend categories.

AbizLink assists you to expand your business globally. We provide you with integrated and tailored services and direct access to customers in various industries and segments across the entire life cycle of your products.

AbizLink offers the transportation sector to developed through working on projects throughout the world.

We are constantly on the lookout for good partnerships.
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